Grosh Swap

Date:2019-04-22 03:23:33

Gorsh Digital Token will migrate from Waves blockchain to the blockchain of Ethereum due to it's security, accessibility and future development.

From the date of 2019.06.01 untill 2019.08.30 (90 days) you should register at and transfer all owned by you Grosh Digital Tokens - from Waves platform to, after that you should access the LaunchPad in order to transfer the amount of Grosh from the blockchain of Waves to the Ethereum blockchain. 

Following the steps:
1. Register at 
2. Use the LaunchPad to migrate 1:1 your Grosh Waves Tokens (GroshW) in to the blockchain of Ethereum Grosh ERC 20 token.

3. Use ERC 20 wallet from Ethereum blockchain and transfer the Grosh from your groshexchange account. 

After 2019.08.30 all Grosh tokens left on the blockchain of Waves will be burned due to the aforementioned migration.